It’s been a while..


09 Oct It’s been a while..

I know I’ve been slack with my blog posts. I shouldn’t make excuses – but I’m going to. Life.. It’s gotten in the way.

But I am here right now, making up for it. Sort of. I’ve just spent 3 weeks in America on a honeymoon/vacay & it’s gotten me thinking. About a lot of things, maybe of them aren’t worth writing. But this is; I recently found on Facebook, GraphicDesignBlender, a community for graphic designers to get client advice, tips & general design inspirations. Although I haven’t had the chance (while on my honeymoon/vacay remember) I did see this & had to share.

I have mentioned before my love of fonts & that is what this post is again.. 5 fonts which will kill your designs. For those fellow don’t lovers, check it out here.