05 Dec
Thinking about the future..

Well it's officially December, yes DEC-EM-BER. What the freak? I am starting (ok I have realised for a few years) to realise that time goes far too fast the older you get. I feel like I'm older than I actually am, yet I also feel like...

16 Oct
9 annoying things..

Yep - it's another one of 'those' posts. For my fellow designers out there, I hope you can relate. To those who aren't designers, you just won't understand. I've been spending a lot of time looking at some popular design websites & found this one Creative Bloq which...

09 Oct
It’s been a while..

I know I've been slack with my blog posts. I shouldn't make excuses - but I'm going to. Life.. It's gotten in the way. But I am here right now, making up for it. Sort of. I've just spent 3 weeks in America on a honeymoon/vacay...

01 Jul
Welcome to FY14-15

Wow.. Seriously, where did the last 6 months go? It's now July, and therefore it's now the start of the new financial year. Cue tax returns, tax bills, endless headaches. As you can tell - I am not a fan on EOFY. I just want to...

08 May
Photoshop Actions

I might be a little behind on the 8 ball, but I've just come to love Photoshop Actions for photo editing.. No so much the editing, the blemishes, skin smoothing etc but for the overall effect of the photo. I've been lucky enough to have some...

08 May
Dating a designer

So I came across this article a week or so ago & had to have a silent little giggle to myself (I work in an open office so silent giggling is required). See it here & let me know if you had a silent giggle too. Most of...

07 May
A day I will never forget

As some of may know, and for those who don't know.. Last year on the 30th of November, I married my best friend. After nearly 2 years of planning, some upsets, tantrums & A LOT of money - the day arrived. I can't even begin to explain how...