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The brains…

I’m just a simple girl, living in a big world, who said she would always try.

So cliche’

I am Ashton, but you may of figured that out already. If you count the time I was at TAFE, I’ve been a graphic designer for about 7-8 years. Straight out of high school, I put on my big girl panties & went to TAFE. First year felt like it wasn’t for me & I was a toenail away from pulling out, but I stuck to it & here I am.

I hate to fall into that cliche’, but it stands to say – I love what I do.

I’ve always been creative, painting, pottery even drama & dance, so it a bit of a no-brainer when I was in yr 10 as to what path I would follow. I’m not going to lie, it was a big toss up between TAFE for Graphic Design or to attend WAAPA (West Australia Academy of Performing Arts) but my mum convinced me to have a back up, i.e.; an ACTUAL job.. Nothing against Actors.. I still dream of being a famous actress, singing (badly) and dancing on the big stage of Broadway.

3 years of TAFE taught me to love design from a whole different perspective. Second year in took me to the depths of 3D design. Something I had never really been interested in, but soon fell in love with.

I graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia & 3D design & walked away young, free & full of dreams of working for PIXAR..

The following year I landed my first job at a small boutique Corporate Design studio. Within 6 months I was promoted to Studio Manager & took on higher responsibilities. I learnt more than I could ever imagine here, and for 2.5 years it was a great job. Unfortunately, I think I grew out of the role and decided to leave, find myself & start my freelance business.

I went into a mainstream job away from Graphic Design while I looked for the  perfect job. It took a while, but eventually I found it..

I love freelancing in my spare time, as it keeps me on my toes. I have some wonderful clients who have been with me since my first job, and it gives me a wider range of jobs to work on.

Anyway… I seem to of found myself dribbling.

Dallas Murphy

The looks…

Look he doesn’t bring much to the table.. Currently he is snoring at my feet. But he’s good to look at, so I keep him around.

He is available for cuddles, or walks, or hoovering any left overs. Even though he is fat & is now officially on a diet.